The instructions for using certain modules and an introduction to the displayed information about RhizobiaWiki

4 Gene

4.1 Gene Info

In this page, user can browse the genome information. Select a ‘genus’ (the box in the left top), then click a interested ‘strain’ to view the strain information. Click the interested ‘genome id’ to view....

4.2 Symbiotic gene clusters

This page provides the information and illustration of the symbiotic gene cluster of rhizobia.

The two images at the top of this page respectively depict xxx and yyyy.

At the bottom of this page, user can select a genus > an interested strain, then click the corresponding ‘GO !’ in ‘Detailed information’ column to view genes related to symbiotic genes clusters. The figure shows that symbiotic gene cluster in the genome, where Arrows represent genes, and the direction of the arrows indicates the direction of the gene. Arrows of the same color represent genes belonging to the same symbiotic gene cluster. When hovering the mouse over an arrow, users can see the corresponding gene name. ‘Basic information’ includes the names of all symbiotic gene clusters. Users can click ‘download sequence’ to download all sequences.